Thursday, June 19, 2008

Digital Story Workshops ONLINE???

I'm posting this up for those who i've sent links to regarding my unavailability to come and run workshops at the present time. I know i keep babbling on about using these online tools to capture stories but there is an issue of access especially for those working within LAs.

I think it's about time i put up a vodcast running through the whole concept as it's beginning to take shape in my mind. I shall do that on the weekend. Meantime Please check out the Flickr thing HERE.

I think this may be the way forward as i can't be everywhere at all that time i cloned myself and went to live on the moon...but i was so annoying i soon had to resort to hiding on Earth.

Anyway, I digress. You need to keep nagging me in order for this whole thing to take some shape. You need to get on and have a go. Don't be scared of's very user friendly, honest. After all if we're in the job of helping people overcome barriers in their life, then surely we should lead by example...

Mog Out...

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