Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Visit to CIMO (Centre for International Mobility)

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So, after a great luncheon at Allianssi with their fantastic facilities (really liked the layout of the library and info services) we take a tram over to the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO).

What fantastic building! I found the coolest green chairs inside:

CIMO (est 1991) is the national organisation promoting cross cultural communication and mobility, including international projects such as youth in action, life long learning programme, Erasmus, DaVinci etc. as well as offering information, advice, guidance and training regarding international mobility.

CIMO is also responsible for the marketing and PR realting to HE recruitment in Finland as well as overeeing a network of Finnish lectures in HE and FE establishments across the globe.

In terms of INFO work, I found this organisation to be an excellent eample of almost pure enquiry based INFO work, which I hope will help me during my presentation of Canllaw Online's INFO work on Friday (I'll post a link somewhere).

CIMO provide INFO on an enquiry basis regarding the various projects mentioned above as well as enquiries involving other cross cultural issues such as studying and volunteering abroad through signposting, referral and printed materials. As well as face to face work CIMO deals with e-queris via email and the website (www.studyinfinland.fi).

It struck me as a "classic" INFO scenario where monitoring and evaluation inform CIMO of trends/needs as well as the production of some pro-active INFO, such as guides for Finnish young people which are distributed to guidance counsellors, schools and youth workers containing outline information as well as ideas for lesson plans/activities that promote and encourage analysis of cross cultural exchange and study.

CIMO also have good relationships with "expert" organisations (such as Fulbright who specialise in exchenages and studying in America/Canada) and feel that there is no such thing as a stupid question: They had a call from South Africa regarding a dead bird that some guys found that had a ring around it's leg that said "Finland". They wanted to know what they should do.

This unconditional personal regard (UPR) is an essential part of INFO work for me.

CIMO also offer advice and guidance on effective internet searches for cross cultural experiences and are pro actively present at student fayres both nationally and internationally.

"Euroguidance" is also housed under the umbrella of CIMO. This network for guidance counsellors, employment advisors and youth workers aims to support practioners and professionals in the field through training, information and advice, publications and the website, in the field of cross cultural communication and mobility.

There is a Euroguidance centre in every country of the EU that can offer this networking opportunity as well as other opportunities for training, study visits and exchanges.

In conclusion, I feel it was great to see all this INFO in one place, under one organisation with a clear aim to provide information in an enquiry based scenario.

Really cool building too!

Righ I'm off for a drink!!!

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