Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday 15.05.09

THE MOG BLOG continues...

So the last day had arrived, and after rather a late night (although sometimes it's hard to tell with the light in Finland) we arrived at the town hall for presentations from all the participants plus a tour of the surrounding buildings.

I'll post the presentations somewhere when I receive them and post a link. Suffice to say there was much discussion and enthusiasm (and drinking water for me!).

We also had a tour of the surrounding buildings all designed by Alvar Aalto. Follow the link for more info.

We had a fantastic tour and ended up at the top of the bell tower with fantastic views over Seinajoki.

We had some discussion on how we take the findings from this study visit forward which i'll elaborate on in a later post.

The evening was the official reception at the wonderful manor in Tornava. My great thanks to everyone here for a great evening.

Then, unfortunately back to the train for the journey home....

My great thanks to everyone for such a great time: we saw some great practice, talked to some great people, we had great fun. Thanks:

Belgium: Femke, Ringo, Stevie, Gee and Sam
Slovenia: Matjaz, Sanela, Anja and Simona
Wales: Rachel and Kath

and especially to the mega hard working Finns:

Elias (the master)
Heidi and Hanna

See you all in Wales soon???

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