Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seinajoki youth council (Thur 14.05.09 pm)

THE MOG BLOG continues...

What a day it had been so far., and then off to we knew not where...

We arrived at a fantastic youth provision (often referred to as a youth house in Finland) where the youth council of Seinajoki had very kindly arranged to cook us dinner!

I got hammered in table tennis by the guy in the picture second from the right, which underlined to me my need to brush up on my youth work skills!(Joke).

We helped prepare the food and it gave us a chance to meet and talk to the guys which was a really nice opportunity. The youth council comes from schools all across the area and aims to input and lobby on local matters. During their presentation (in fantastic English) they described how "meeting the man" can sometimes work out and sometimes not.

It seemed to me that the problems we often face here in Wales, in terms of getting local decision makers involved and interested and trying to break down the stereotypes of young people, are just as relevant in Finland.

However, the youth council seem to be pro-active in representing the views of other young people on matters that affect them.

This was a really great night and the young people were really friendly and talkative - despite the downhill decline of my table tennis skills.

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