Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Visit to Seinajoki Skate Park (Thurs 14.05.09 pm)

THE MOG BLOG continues...

So I didn't really know where we we were going and then we turned up here:

An indoor skatepark run and maintained mostly by young people. Man, I loved this place but unfortunately there wasn't a spare board so i could have a quick blast around!

This place is so nice; the lines are awesome and I could spend a whole day here just carving it up.

Anyway, the whole thing is run and organised by the young people with some help from local youth workers. They run film nights, competitions and all sorts in order to fund raise for events and maintenance.

I found a youtube vid of the park being used HERE. It's often the case that young people are criminalised for "hanging around" and "causing trouble", I know this form first hand experience, but when you see this kind of pro-active, empowering work being truly led by young people themselves, you really want to shout about it and celebrate it.

At least I do, but then I'm a bit biased towards skating stuff.

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