Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Visit to Rytmikorjaamo (Thurs 14.05.09 pm)

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This is a great live music venue in Seinajoki which sees many live events, local bands and offers practice rooms and facilities for up and coming bands at a reduced rate.

The guys were telling us about a project they're involved in called Louhimo where they go out to local schools with music equipment (guitar, drums, keyboards etc) and give the young people a taste of music with the aim to produce a "song" often within as little time as 45 minutes!

It's often the case that these young people have never picked up an instrument before and to give them a taste of music and all the attached soft skills that go with that is a great idea. Again, even though it's about working in schools, the schools themselves seem to be very much on board and the project is very successful. It reminds me of Community Music Wales, where the idea is very much the same.

Although the music scene in Finland seems vibrant it would appear that there is not a lot of interest in buying music nationally, so unfortunately it is often the case that bands are aiming for success outside Finland, although at this project they are also trying to bring the music back home.

A really interesting insight to the Finnish psyche was offered up by our guide here, who suggested that Finnish people in general are quite reserved and take some time to "come out of their shell" as it were (a bit like reverse Belgians??? He He) and for this reason are often shy of performing. He said this may be the reason that metal is so popular in Finland as "you don't really need to be a great singer"; a fantastic observation!

I feel that music is often a great vehicle for youth work and the associated skills it aims to encourage and celebrate. This coupled with pro-active information work always makes for fantastically empowering and exciting project work. We definitely had a great time here!!!

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